Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rebonding / damaged hair.

Hi everyone!

My hair really needs some treatment for the damaged ends. Guys, a big reminder to you ,DO NOT EVER BLEACH YOUR HAIR!
My hair was healthy until I bleached my hair around March this year? It was nice for like one month and the rest were hell of a time for me to comb and manage my tresses. Everytime after shower, my hair is totally entangled and it really need alot of the damn patience to go through this repeatedly. This somehow made me emotionally tired. And my hair become dry and the ends are very frizzy. There were times I just want to shave my whole head bald. So lesson learnt, no bleaching for the rest of my life. So guys, please...if you want a nice looking blonde hair like Victoria Bechkam, think again. Is it worth it?

I will show you the outcome photo of my new rebonded hair soon. Stay tune!
Now still here at the salon.
Wait for the outcome guys!

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