Sunday, August 4, 2013


Just to update, I have officially moved in to my new crib !!!
It has been about 2 months now. Everything has been great. Just a little bit tiring as now as i have to do all the housework. If I am free later I will post the pics for my renovations works.

Meanwhile, I wanna share with u some pics of my darlings!!!

  yes I know they grow up so fast..i wished they were just babies again!

        They are the most precious gifts I've ever had!!
          I'm never bored entertaining their nonsense everyday lol
               Me and hubby on New year eve 2013 at Hard Rock Cafe.
                         Ok, now I missed my old hair already !!

            I think this was on my birthday. We went to zouk lol
               And this pic is the latest of all. It was taken yesterday!

                            Sisterly love!
     My hair now all black... I think I'm gonna keep it black for now.
I think i look a lil bit mature in this pic. FYI Im not old okay.I'm just sweet 17.(wishful thinking again )
                                She wanna be a Victoria Secret Model (wah , u got my wishful genes lol!!)

yeah.. so many things I wanna share but, maybe later. Just wanna say Happy Fasting To Muslim all over the world!! Hari Raya is in 3 days time!!! I need to do some cleaning and stuffs so I better get going.

Take care u lovely people out there. Till we meet again yea?

Hugs & Kisses,


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey darling.

It's been awhile huh? I am really busy with my schedule and If I really have some free time, I would just wanna sleep. Been working out at the gym lately. And when I'm home, I will attend to my Munchkin's needs. My two little Munchkins. So by the time nightfalls, I would be dead tired. Not to forget, I send And fetch my first girl to and back from school. Pasir this to Kovan every morning is no Joke okay!
Enough about that, I am gonna post some phats that I took on my Bali Trip. Yes it's so overdue but who cares?