Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Excitement on the 6th November

Hey hey.

Despite all the fuss about the bad hair experience I've had, it does'nt banished all the excitement that have been building up for my next honeymoon to Bali!
I will be staying in a private villa with a private swimming pool !! I can have all the privacy! I am sure gonna be kidsick because we are not bringing my 2 princesses for 4 days!!
Well , will upload pictures .

I've got to say this "yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to go!".

Lol!! Night dearies


Gave up on my hair

Hi people!

My rebonded hair is like crap. Bad service and all the hard selling is a big no no.
After 3 days , I washed my hair and It looked worst than before! Plus my hair is totally short and ugly. I felt horrible. Bloody hell. Asked me to pay another 100 bucks for crappy hair? Fuck. This is the last time Im going there.
Ok this is before I wash my hair. Still looks acceptable. After washing, it is all frizzy and dry. If you want to open a shop, please provide good service. Dont demand money only but end product is shitty. The hard selling was awful. Seriously u guys need to buck up your service.

From a very dissatisfied customer which u thought I dont understand mandarin but too bad, I do. U can bitch infront if me without looking guilty at all.

Name of the shop : Sc_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d. Somewhere near Kallang MRT.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rebonding / damaged hair.

Hi everyone!

My hair really needs some treatment for the damaged ends. Guys, a big reminder to you ,DO NOT EVER BLEACH YOUR HAIR!
My hair was healthy until I bleached my hair around March this year? It was nice for like one month and the rest were hell of a time for me to comb and manage my tresses. Everytime after shower, my hair is totally entangled and it really need alot of the damn patience to go through this repeatedly. This somehow made me emotionally tired. And my hair become dry and the ends are very frizzy. There were times I just want to shave my whole head bald. So lesson learnt, no bleaching for the rest of my life. So guys, please...if you want a nice looking blonde hair like Victoria Bechkam, think again. Is it worth it?

I will show you the outcome photo of my new rebonded hair soon. Stay tune!
Now still here at the salon.
Wait for the outcome guys!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi eveyone!
I am thinking of doing Implanon. I've decided to have a 'break' for maybe 7 years? lol. I am blessed with two amazing girls so at the moment will just stop at two. I want to give my girls full attention and obviously the best for both of them. I don't want to be those typical malay with 3-5 kids and end up you either can't afford to give them a good life. If god's willing, I shall think of trying for a boy in 5-9 years to come.
But right now, my life is all about Kayla and Kaysha. My love of my life.

Implanon is a non-biodegradable flexible rod. Each implant contains 68mg etonogestrel. The implant is performed on the arm. It can be removed anytime but should not be left for more than 3 years.
There is also some undesirable effects such as changes in the vaginal bleeding pattern, headache, acne, weight gain or weight loss. But there are also successful stories that some women does not even have to go through all the side effects.

Will do an update on this. Stay tune for the update .
Will fix an implanon soon.

Xoxo sayang

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Over the weekends!

Hi everyone!

Over the weekends, I brought my princesses to Kids Explorer at Downtown East.
It's one of my eldest favorite place to go on my Love off days. But one thing I dislike going there on weekends is that the place was so crowded. I rather bring her over on weekdays when it's less crowded and cheaper. lol. But what matter most is that she's happy.
After all the running and climbing , we head over to decorate a cupcake!

That's my eldest.I can't recall the name of the shop that render this service. It is somewhere on level one. Just beside the escalator. Infront of the Seoul Garden. It cost around $4 to decorate a cupcake like this.
You can come and try with your kiddo.


Cool breeze & my wishful thinking

Hey everyone!
It has been raining the whole day here in Singapore. I love the cold weather! It is so nice if I could just cuddle under my comforter. How I wished! Okay guys, enjoy the cool breeze and read on !

I am so damn excited!! My house will be ready in few months time!!
I have applied a BTO flat somewhere in the North-East on 2009. I've never waited for something this long,yes this long. Currently residing with my sister in-law. Left few months but we have yet to look for Interior Designer. Any good ID to recommend?
I am thinking of purple and Grey for my bedroom. I would love the cozy atmosphere for a place that I'm going to head everytime I need a rest. For the princesses , my eldest requested for a pink bedroom. But I'm thinking of pink and black. So much of my wishful thinking. Got to be grateful as we have a shelter on our head. Amin.

Xoxo Sayang

Friday, October 19, 2012

Go away ugly bumps!

Hey everyone!

I am so excited for tomorrow! Hopefully my Samsung note 10.1 holster will arrive in SG. Currently my baby note is naked. Just waiting for its cover to reach me. I've ordered it like a week ago ? Nevermind. Will post its new clothes once its in hand.

Btw, in my previous post I remembered mentioning about pimples. In my life, i would rarely have breakouts on my face but if there is, there would be only 1 or 2 on my forehead. After I delivered my 2nd girl, things was still as usual. Until I weaned off my baby from my breast when she was 7 months old. I noticed that my skin was unusually oily than normal. After a week of successfully weaning,  my forehead were totally messed up. I could see about 5 to 10 of small tiny pimples. This whole thing is totally new to me. I could not help scratching and washing my face like everytime I went to the loo. Yes, I was worried sick. This was really ruining my self-confidence.
I pitied all those who suffered from skin diseases. It must have been so hard on you.
It has been approximately 3 months since I stopped breastfeeding and the pimples are still around. I did a research on it and there are quite a number of mummies with similar situation from all around the world. The answers were, hormonal imbalance. How to balance the hormones as when it was not as problematic as now? Anyone has any idea?
 I have been using Garnier's facial wash and I noticed it helps atleast abit to control the oil. I am still searching for a solution on this.

If anyone of you have similar cases, you can share it with me at the comment box.
Or even good ,if you have a solution, pls share.

Xoxo sayang♡

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hi guys.

Just wanna say goodnight!
I cannot sleep a wink from 10pm. It is now already 1am.
I need my sleep more than you guys. Firstly is because I have two princesses to take care okay! Secondly is I do not need anymore zits on my face with regards to insufficient sleep. They are just not welcome here. They are the worst ever.
Want to know the reason why I hate them? Shall do an update about it soon.

Ok till then.
Goodnight & sweetdreams people!  (I bet majority of you are already In your slumber )

Xoxo Sayang

BB cream for me!

Hey everyone.

Make up can do wonders to your look. Well, let's talk about the base. We usually use a foundation first before applying a layer of powder right? And now more people are  using BB cream as the base. I would like to share with you a very promisable BB cream that I'm currently using.

Dr G BB Cream.It really sets on my skin and I do not have to worry looking too fair like the boy in the Ju On movie. It blends in well and long lasting. I don't feel all oily on my forehead as much as when I used the previous foundation as base.
I would highly recommend you to try this. I got mine at Sasa for about $36? Around that price. I can't recall lol.
If you have oily skin type like me,where my forehead and nose is always shiny, you can try use this. It does wonders.

Note: Everyone is pretty in their own way. You don't need so much make up whether they are cheap like the ones you bought from a drugstore or branded cosmetics like from Bobbi or Chanel etc.. All that matters most is the HEART.

Xoxo Sayang

Monday, October 15, 2012

My new found love!

Hey everyone!

I have cleaned up my older posts. I'm still working on this new layout. So bear with it.

Didn't I told you about the new toy I've bought yesterday at Mega Courts?

I am so loving this new gadget! (Even though I already have a Samsung Note)
This phone-tablet is just so awesome. Operating in Android 4.0.4 (ice cream sandwich) and also have a 1.4GHz Quad Core Processor + 2GB RAM. It also enables multi-tasking and that is very handy for a person like me. There's also a photoshop software whereby you can edit photos like a professional. This a plus points for girls!
There are Other reason on why you should get it.
For more info ,please visit

Xoxo Sayang