Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm back!

I was like what?! It's been almost 3 years since my last post. My apologies . I am so busy with life that revolves around me. There's been quite some changes since. Alhamdulilah , I have just given birth last month on the 16.06.2016 (nice date uh ) to my one and only son named , 
Kayden El' Maleeq

Right now he is weighing at 5.2kg at 6 weeks. He is exclusively breastfed!
You guys should seen his nose. High like those Bollywood stars. Probably came from his father's genes. Oh well! I can talk all day about him. Maybe on my next post. lol

Last week , we received a great news that Kayla was accepted to the primary school next to our home. Can you believe it? My eldest is going to be in primary school already? Time really flies fast.
As for Kaysha, we withdrawn her from her previous school due to many reasons. One of them was the duration of the journey to school is too long. For now , Teacher Mummy will teach you. 

So you guys must be wondering how can I cope with three kids? what did I do all day now?
Well honestly, since motherhood came to my life, I have been trying to give the best to my kids. My daily job consist of all the kids related work. Morning to send Kayla to sch, to cook, to clean and etc. I hardly have any time for myself right now as I have a one month old son. I know things will get better as he grows. I just need to do better planning and time management. It is parts and parcel of motherhood. I am learning through being an Independent mother.  Sometime when you are too tired and you feel like breaking down, talk to someone. I am blessed to have My friends and family to relate too. Especially my very best , SB & Dira. 

Thanks for always being there for me. Love u guys! 

Okay I shall stop here. Till then , take care!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Just to update, I have officially moved in to my new crib !!!
It has been about 2 months now. Everything has been great. Just a little bit tiring as now as i have to do all the housework. If I am free later I will post the pics for my renovations works.

Meanwhile, I wanna share with u some pics of my darlings!!!

  yes I know they grow up so fast..i wished they were just babies again!

        They are the most precious gifts I've ever had!!
          I'm never bored entertaining their nonsense everyday lol
               Me and hubby on New year eve 2013 at Hard Rock Cafe.
                         Ok, now I missed my old hair already !!

            I think this was on my birthday. We went to zouk lol
               And this pic is the latest of all. It was taken yesterday!

                            Sisterly love!
     My hair now all black... I think I'm gonna keep it black for now.
I think i look a lil bit mature in this pic. FYI Im not old okay.I'm just sweet 17.(wishful thinking again )
                                She wanna be a Victoria Secret Model (wah , u got my wishful genes lol!!)

yeah.. so many things I wanna share but, maybe later. Just wanna say Happy Fasting To Muslim all over the world!! Hari Raya is in 3 days time!!! I need to do some cleaning and stuffs so I better get going.

Take care u lovely people out there. Till we meet again yea?

Hugs & Kisses,


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey darling.

It's been awhile huh? I am really busy with my schedule and If I really have some free time, I would just wanna sleep. Been working out at the gym lately. And when I'm home, I will attend to my Munchkin's needs. My two little Munchkins. So by the time nightfalls, I would be dead tired. Not to forget, I send And fetch my first girl to and back from school. Pasir this to Kovan every morning is no Joke okay!
Enough about that, I am gonna post some phats that I took on my Bali Trip. Yes it's so overdue but who cares?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Excitement on the 6th November

Hey hey.

Despite all the fuss about the bad hair experience I've had, it does'nt banished all the excitement that have been building up for my next honeymoon to Bali!
I will be staying in a private villa with a private swimming pool !! I can have all the privacy! I am sure gonna be kidsick because we are not bringing my 2 princesses for 4 days!!
Well , will upload pictures .

I've got to say this "yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to go!".

Lol!! Night dearies


Gave up on my hair

Hi people!

My rebonded hair is like crap. Bad service and all the hard selling is a big no no.
After 3 days , I washed my hair and It looked worst than before! Plus my hair is totally short and ugly. I felt horrible. Bloody hell. Asked me to pay another 100 bucks for crappy hair? Fuck. This is the last time Im going there.
Ok this is before I wash my hair. Still looks acceptable. After washing, it is all frizzy and dry. If you want to open a shop, please provide good service. Dont demand money only but end product is shitty. The hard selling was awful. Seriously u guys need to buck up your service.

From a very dissatisfied customer which u thought I dont understand mandarin but too bad, I do. U can bitch infront if me without looking guilty at all.

Name of the shop : Sc_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d. Somewhere near Kallang MRT.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rebonding / damaged hair.

Hi everyone!

My hair really needs some treatment for the damaged ends. Guys, a big reminder to you ,DO NOT EVER BLEACH YOUR HAIR!
My hair was healthy until I bleached my hair around March this year? It was nice for like one month and the rest were hell of a time for me to comb and manage my tresses. Everytime after shower, my hair is totally entangled and it really need alot of the damn patience to go through this repeatedly. This somehow made me emotionally tired. And my hair become dry and the ends are very frizzy. There were times I just want to shave my whole head bald. So lesson learnt, no bleaching for the rest of my life. So guys, please...if you want a nice looking blonde hair like Victoria Bechkam, think again. Is it worth it?

I will show you the outcome photo of my new rebonded hair soon. Stay tune!
Now still here at the salon.
Wait for the outcome guys!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi eveyone!
I am thinking of doing Implanon. I've decided to have a 'break' for maybe 7 years? lol. I am blessed with two amazing girls so at the moment will just stop at two. I want to give my girls full attention and obviously the best for both of them. I don't want to be those typical malay with 3-5 kids and end up you either can't afford to give them a good life. If god's willing, I shall think of trying for a boy in 5-9 years to come.
But right now, my life is all about Kayla and Kaysha. My love of my life.

Implanon is a non-biodegradable flexible rod. Each implant contains 68mg etonogestrel. The implant is performed on the arm. It can be removed anytime but should not be left for more than 3 years.
There is also some undesirable effects such as changes in the vaginal bleeding pattern, headache, acne, weight gain or weight loss. But there are also successful stories that some women does not even have to go through all the side effects.

Will do an update on this. Stay tune for the update .
Will fix an implanon soon.

Xoxo sayang