Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm back!

I was like what?! It's been almost 3 years since my last post. My apologies . I am so busy with life that revolves around me. There's been quite some changes since. Alhamdulilah , I have just given birth last month on the 16.06.2016 (nice date uh ) to my one and only son named , 
Kayden El' Maleeq

Right now he is weighing at 5.2kg at 6 weeks. He is exclusively breastfed!
You guys should seen his nose. High like those Bollywood stars. Probably came from his father's genes. Oh well! I can talk all day about him. Maybe on my next post. lol

Last week , we received a great news that Kayla was accepted to the primary school next to our home. Can you believe it? My eldest is going to be in primary school already? Time really flies fast.
As for Kaysha, we withdrawn her from her previous school due to many reasons. One of them was the duration of the journey to school is too long. For now , Teacher Mummy will teach you. 

So you guys must be wondering how can I cope with three kids? what did I do all day now?
Well honestly, since motherhood came to my life, I have been trying to give the best to my kids. My daily job consist of all the kids related work. Morning to send Kayla to sch, to cook, to clean and etc. I hardly have any time for myself right now as I have a one month old son. I know things will get better as he grows. I just need to do better planning and time management. It is parts and parcel of motherhood. I am learning through being an Independent mother.  Sometime when you are too tired and you feel like breaking down, talk to someone. I am blessed to have My friends and family to relate too. Especially my very best , SB & Dira. 

Thanks for always being there for me. Love u guys! 

Okay I shall stop here. Till then , take care!

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