Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gave up on my hair

Hi people!

My rebonded hair is like crap. Bad service and all the hard selling is a big no no.
After 3 days , I washed my hair and It looked worst than before! Plus my hair is totally short and ugly. I felt horrible. Bloody hell. Asked me to pay another 100 bucks for crappy hair? Fuck. This is the last time Im going there.
Ok this is before I wash my hair. Still looks acceptable. After washing, it is all frizzy and dry. If you want to open a shop, please provide good service. Dont demand money only but end product is shitty. The hard selling was awful. Seriously u guys need to buck up your service.

From a very dissatisfied customer which u thought I dont understand mandarin but too bad, I do. U can bitch infront if me without looking guilty at all.

Name of the shop : Sc_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _d. Somewhere near Kallang MRT.

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